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I capitalized a few words

“But the debate wasn’t normal by the standards of nearly all of American history. It wasn’t normal because one of the nominees — the sitting president — TOLD ONE LIE AFTER ANOTHER. HE DID SO ABOUT THE VIRUS, North Korea, China, Russia, climate change, his own health care policy, Joe Biden’s health care policy, Biden’s finances and the immigrant children who were separated from their parents.” The New York Times 10/23/2010

“We write today with the very sad news that our campus community has LOST A STUDENT apparently due to COMPLICATIONS FROM COVID-19. Michael Lang, 18, A FIRST-YEAR STUDENT in the College of Arts and Sciences from LaGrange, Illinois, passed away Thursday, Oct. 22 following a lengthy hospitalization. Michael left campus on Sept. 13 to return home for remote study.” UD Announcement 10/23/2010


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