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My first answer: I don’t know. After all, they are all about life foundations every human must know. Can one start with the thrillers? The Unexpected Unseen is an action-packed novel focused on introducing the “earth’s two versions” using the knowledge put together by ancients and the science community.


After reading The Unexpected Unseen you can read The First Rung which covers the ancient and scientific knowledge of earth’s two versions in scholarly, non-fiction style.

Whichever you choose as your starting point I guarantee, you will immensely learn from the foundational knowledge they provide for your daily life.

A foundational view of force, resources, and knowledge within the setting of a thriller


Dr. B is a business professor working in the middle of a war zone. Everyone around him seems concerned as explosions surround his location on a military base, but Dr. B remains calm. He is also a CIA expert who understands how brute force is used against humans and, more importantly, how it can be countered and neutralized.


While Dr. B secretly manages warring Iraqi tribes and rebel groups, a close friend and professor, Nora Darcy, partners with him to teach management fundamentals to a CEO of a large corporation. When by accident Dr. B is caught by the rebels, he must decide if killing his best student is the only way to manage force. But as soon as his path unexpectedly crosses with that of a little girl who sees him as father, the connection forces him to reexamine every truth he has known, taught, and practiced about the constructive and heartening ways of human life.


In this complex psychological thriller, a professor turned CIA expert and a surprising young heroine must grapple with rebel forces as brute force, emotions, and love emerge and transform everything.


A Foundational View of Life, Seeking the Divine

We all feel it. To fit in is difficult; to run away is impossible. The only alternative is to manage, yet something significant is missing. Ancient knowledge has disappeared, as if no one will ever find it, but the divine intervenes, rebooting the current existence into a new and unexpected one. The divine voice unravels the ancient curse of ignorance placed on humans by humans, stretching back to millennia and beyond—a primal evil that threatens everyone’s lives unless one listens to the divine voice. But where is that voice?


The Choice Maker offers clear ideas about the shocking realities that compel and engage humans to manage force and resources differently in relation to their place in earth’s different versions—one presently precarious and fleeting and the other arriving with unseen power and ferocity. Author Hamid Rafizadeh pinpoints the divine voice in the Sermon on the Mount, which is critical to human life, survival, and well-being. The Sermon on the Mount is universal knowledge for everyone, not religious knowledge for select believers, and it can reveal to us a truth about life in both the current blue-skied earth and the new canopied earth that is coming soon.


Are you willing to go on a profound journey? The one crucial to every human’s life? The one recommended by the divine? Probably not, and history is on the unwilling side, yet The Choice Maker insists on showing you the way and the reasons for taking this journey.


A foundational view of managing force, resources, and knowledge to balance life


Every person’s existence has its origin in a balance of four elements: brute force, resources, knowledge, and direction. Yet in the evolving landscape of modern-day life, when no one lives a balanced life, everyone suffers.


The Sucker Punch of Sharing explains the balance all human beings need to have in their lives, and it shows how human beings can become free. Author Hamid Rafizadeh teaches you how to manage obligations of freedom, and he shows how obligations can be shaped so that you can do what you always wanted to do. With this new understanding, you can receive tremendously detailed and thorough accounting of how to manage the woven tapestry of force and resources in your daily life.


The dense forest of knowledge and the deep fog of ignorance must be managed together if human beings are to climb to higher levels of existence. Nothing is guaranteed, as awareness can always come with stumbling down into the lower levels of existence—and even returning to the fog that never lifts. So even as you begin to see the truth of things, the challenge of development and maintenance remains.


A foundational view of life through earth’s two versions


What can the long-dead ancients tell us about our future? Plenty, according to sacred texts and modern science. While the modern person has only witnessed one celestial state of the earth, ancient peoples have witnessed two. Science calls these two versions glacial and interglacial earth, but to the ancients, they are the blue-skied earth and the canopied earth. And as the earth positions to once again flip to its yet unknown secondary state, we can turn to the ancients for answers.


The First Rung weaves together the stories of humanity’s epic struggle to understand the past in order to understand the present—and most importantly, to understand the future. This fascinating account provides eye-opening insight into the mix of ancient and modern knowledge that defines the earth’s celestial environment, and author Hamid Rafizadeh offers a tour of the evidence regarding the earth’s two different versions—details of which our ancient human ancestors have seen.


By bringing echoes of the past into the present, we can have an intellectual awakening of the knowledge that holds the answers for humanity’s survival and well-being. The unknown, hidden past of the ancients, haunts the modern human’s life; it is a dangerous shadow cast on everyone, but it is also a knowledge not to be missed.


A foundational view of earth’s two versions within the setting of a thriller

John Reagan is a retired policeman who is stuck in a purgatory of his own making until the events of September 11, 2001 prompt him to view every foreigner as a potential enemy. One day when he realizes his neighbor is hosting suspicious meetings in his basement, Reagan grabs his binoculars and a microphone, and does everything he can to find out what is going on and if they are terrorists.


Inside the walls of the dark and musty basement, a man has recruited a group of seekers that include an Indian, an Egyptian, a Jew, and a Greek professor willing to listen to his radical ideas on prehistory. Through years of research, he has concluded that all of humankind’s prehistory originated when Earth passed through a giant comet’s swarm of fragments. As Reagan stealthily continues his self-imposed investigation, the small band of seekers attempts to determine how to accept this seemingly unbelievable truth from millennia past. The only alternative is to remain ignorant of Earth’s two versions—a mistake with potentially disastrous consequences.


In this gripping science fiction thriller, a retired cop and a revolutionary group delve into ancient history as the startling discovery of earth’s two versions is revealed.

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