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I just published an article in Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences entitled “The Foundational View of Knowledge and Ignorance in the Education System.”

The article’s abstract states: Finding solutions to societal problems turns most difficult if not impossible when the society loses its connection to its foundation. Deficient societal structures often originate in ignored and misunderstood foundations in both the present and the past. Every society, in its transitions, loses the memory of part of its previous knowledge. The loss of historical memory is a serious deficiency that currently permeates every society and prevents a deeper understanding of current behaviors that have their origin in the knowledge of the past. From this perspective, the currently accepted view of the education system lacks a foundational anchor. Lack of awareness of foundational knowledge engenders a malfunctioning education system and a misunderstood psychology of human individual, adversely affecting societal existence. This article focuses on the societal foundation as a composite of knowledge and ignorance, demonstrating its management crucial for societal well-being and existence. It attempts to provide an integrated view of the foundational structure of human societies, especially through effective management of knowledge and ignorance.

I recommend reading it.

Here is the link.


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