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How to deal with one another—hard or soft force?

A few weeks ago I published an article in the Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences. The article’s title is “How To Deal With One another—Hard or Soft Force?” The article is about the foundations of managing force and is quite relevant to understanding situations like the Russia-Ukraine war.

The article’s abstract states: A new, integrated model of social structure is developed and applied to how force and resources are used at the individual, organization and societal levels to achieve various ends. It is shown that this integrated, foundational model improves the understanding of human choices in application of force and management of resources. The model simplifies and streamlines the complexities and deficiencies faced in current theories. The case of the civil war is treated, and the findings are applied to violence reduction, identifying factors that influence individual orientation toward application of force and development of advantageous resource positions.

I recommend reading it.

How To Deal With One another—Hard or Soft Force
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