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Are you ready?

There is always the assumption that what happens in places like Syria would not happen in the USA. Let’s test it. In Syria part of the society wanted the government changed. It engaged in protests and the government suppressed it violently. Now, in the USA, part of the society wants the government changed. The most prominent form of protest is “voting.” Government is suppressing it and has called on an army of 50,000 poll watchers to amplify suppression.

Two factors stood out in Syria. First, “readiness” to kill one another and to burn down each other’s houses. Second, a “trigger” to do that. The trigger turned out to be government suppression in a small town.

For the USA, what is the degree of readiness? And what is the trigger? Recent studies show that one-third of the USA is ready to kill one another if their favorite government is not in place ( And the trigger? The army of 50,000 poll watchers ( As to a glimpse of the outcome, all we need to do is to google Syria and see the immediate future of the USA that is ready to kill one another as way of changing government (


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