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At the Foundation, what is Economy?

When I think of “economy,” I am always intrigued by human as “resource taker.” We all have to take the resources of others in order to provide for our daily lives. This happens at all levels. I take the resources of a company in the form of salary. The company takes my capabilities to produce goods and services through which it takes the customers’ resources through prices.

We put up with all sorts of lousy bosses just to keep our job and have the salary flowing. We tolerate all sorts of lousy products and services because we cannot pay for better ones. And we always feel good when the lousy boss gives us a raise or a lousy product or service gives us a discount. Is that why some persist in voting for Mr. Trump? He has given us a little raise through tax cuts. Is that why we’re overlooking that he is a lousy boss and in fact, to keep his job, he is even destroying the society’s foundation? From his resource taking point of view, so long as he remains the boss, he doesn’t care that the society has a ruined foundation. And, he’s not alone. We’re all strange in tolerating the lousy and ruined when it comes to our own resource taking. But how far are we willing to go just to keep the salary flowing? We’ll learn soon.


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