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Do followers of Mr. Trump go blind, or … is everyone blind?

When I started to write about social and political issues using foundational knowledge I did not expect harm throwers and ignorance peddlers to be the first responders—people with few-word vocabularies mostly made of words like bullshit, garbage, Commie and the like. What are examples of the foundational knowledge I am providing? One is the knowledge given by a divine being in the Sermon on the Mount. It sets the first step of every human’s life at identification and addressing “knowledge deficiencies.” Another is the knowledge of earth’s two versions. The transition between the two is near and if every society on earth is not prepared to face it, the humankind would go bye-bye. Another is the knowledge of managing the societal force network, managing societal agreements, and learning from history—all critical to human well-being and survival. Together these articles set the foundation for daily human life.

I never thought that after reading my articles the prime response would be in the form of words like “bullshit.” Why would a human respond to flow of foundational knowledge with a single word—a word of harm, a word that outside of inviting harm conveys nothing but ignorance? Why would a human that comes face-to-face with foundational knowledge turn into a harm thrower and ignorance peddler? To me this always comes as a surprise because the divine being that has given us the Sermon on the Mount tells us that EVERY HUMAN is born a knowledge seeker and knowledge processor. Though the same divine being also says that every human is a “choice maker.” Instead of existing at the level of foundational knowledge, the human can choose to exist buried in ignorance and harm with life defined only through a handful of words like “bullshit.”

Then came Mark … the master bullshit-thrower. He supposedly had read my article “Seeing Hannity in the Mirror of the Sermon on the Mount” and is responding to it. How did he manage to read my article is a mystery because from what I have seen, he has given up on using words and has specialized on images? He has gone graphic. He has gone into pictures that repeatedly throw “shit” at anything that comes his way. I say “a divine being tells us to identify and address knowledge deficiencies” and Mark only responds with a shit-throwing graphic. I am not troubled with what Mark does. He is a supremely skilled ignorance peddler and harm thrower through graphic shit-throwing. He just loves to throw shit at anything and anyone—and perhaps enjoys it most when throwing it at a piece of foundational knowledge.

In all my writing I had never expected to come across a “master shit-thrower,” but here I am facing one. What is peculiar about Mark, the master shit-thrower is that he does it at everything that crosses his path. He cannot help himself. I talk about the Sermon on the Mount, about a divine being telling us to find our knowledge deficiencies and address them through conversion of ignorance to knowledge, and all Mark can do is to throw a pile of shit at it. He is a human in love with shit throwing—with harm throwing and ignorance peddling. I am no longer surprised at that. He is what he is—born and raised to be a master shit thrower. But there is something else that still surprises me.

I am surprised that ALL OTHER READERS of my articles and comments pass by Mark the master shit thrower as if nothing is happening. It seems that all of them have turned blind and cannot see the harm and ignorance embedded in a society of shit-throwers. To them, a master shit-thrower seems to be NORMAL. Is this an effect of following Mr. Trump? Is this an effect of LOVE—loving Mr. Trump?

On the other hand, is it possible that this phenomenon has nothing to do with Mr. Trump and his followers and only reflects a human condition?

In my book The Choice Maker I clearly show that for two thousand years the divine knowledge in the Sermon on the Mount has been rejected. It has been rejected soundly. Is Mark following in footsteps of those that came before him, with one difference that he does it graphically without having to use any words? For example, Martin Luther, the leader of Protestant Reformation, refers to the Sermon on the Mount as something that “wicked devil has managed so cleverly to twist and pervert” and in modern times Pope Benedict has used the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche as mouthpiece to declare the Sermon on the Mount “capital crime against life.”

So lots of shit-throwing happens when the foundational knowledge of the Sermon on the Mount shows up.

We have to remember. A divine being only delivers knowledge and not harm or ignorance. Yet the human response seems to be either in the form of silence that says nothing about one’s position toward a foundational piece of knowledge or images provided by a lost human like Mark the shit thrower.


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