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Evangelicals—Carriers of Ancient Knowledge about the Earth’s Second Version

I bet the last thing you thought you would come across would be the possibility of the Evangelicals, Mr. Trump, and the earth’s second version being related. And they are. Let’s start with the earth’s second version—a very different world that awaits us just around the corner.

The official scientific name of the earth’s second version is “glacial.” The earth’s first version, the one in which we live right now is called “interglacial.” The interglacial earth lasts about 15,000 years and then transitions into the glacial earth which lasts about 85,000 years. Together the two create a 100,000-year cycle that repeats regularly. The ancient humans that experienced the second version knew the significance of what they were seeing, especially for those living in the relative calm of the interglacial world to be thrown into the chaotic and difficult variations of the glacial world. So they left pieces of knowledge for future generations and to ensure that it would last across tens of thousands of years, they declared that knowledge “sacred.”

Across time different groups of humans have transferred various pieces of ancient knowledge into the future in the hope that someone will receive, understand and apply them to prepare humans to successfully walk into the earth’s second version. One such group is the Evangelicals. The piece of ancient knowledge brought to us by the Evangelicals depicts the current world in its final stages of transformation into a new and different world. This ancient knowledge simply says:

1. This world as we know it will end.

2. Another world will exist in its place.

3. The duration of the new world is one thousand years.

4. The unprepared (the nonbelievers) will not enter the new world. They will be wiped out.

If you read my books The First Rung and The Unexpected Unseen you will learn the details of the earth’s two versions and see that there is a huge scientific database on millennial periodicity of the earth’s second version. The earth’s second version—the glacial world—reconfigures itself every thousand years. And it is a very different world, a world in which the unprepared humans will not be able to exist and survive. The ancients were wise and insightful to pass on this knowledge to us. The Evangelicals were wise and insightful to maintain and pass it on to future generations even though they did not know what this knowledge means. Only now that we have the scientific data can we understand how the ancient knowledge and scientific information combine to shed light on the path we should take in order to transition between the earth’s two versions. We are also the luckiest in that in the Sermon on the Mount a divine being tells us how we should walk the path to ensure success for everyone. In my book The Choice Maker I provide the details.

So far we have seen the linkage between the Evangelicals and the earth’s second version. How does Mr. Trump enter the mix?

First we observe that over time the Evangelicals were not just transmitting the ancient knowledge but they were also interpreting it. The interpretations have created somewhat vague and incomplete models of the earth’s second version. For example, there are three popular models of Evangelical interpretation of millennial periodicity. The first one says that the earth’s second version comes first and then the 1000-year duration begins. This model is called pre-millennialist. Another one says that there is no 1000-year duration, that the duration is indeterminate, that the mention of thousand years is symbolic, and that the second version is already happening. This model is called amillennialist. The third model says that one thousand years of “gradual human improvement,” basically a thousand years of preparation, comes first before the earth’s second version arrives. This model is called post-millennialist. Each model captures some measure of the reality of human life in the earth’s second version.

The transition between the earth’s two versions is a DIFFICULT TIME. Having a sense of its prominence, the Evangelicals have modeled it as a “BEAST.” Lacking the knowledge of physical conditions in the earth’s second version, the Evangelicals have returned to the familiar environment in the earth’s first version, the one in which we live right now, to declare the “beast” a certain alliance of nation states. Is this the angle through which Mr. Trump enters the scene? Is he seen as creator of the beast or perhaps the beast itself? I don’t know. Only the Evangelical leaders can answer that. Otherwise, on the surface, Mr. Trump and the Evangelicals seem to have the least in common. Evangelicals have always boasted their superior virtue in matters of sex, marriage, parenting, and foul language. Compared to that Mr. Trump is a man that has practiced almost every vice known to the Evangelicals.

Consider another perspective.

Is it possible that the Evangelical attraction to Mr. Trump has nothing to do with the earth’s second version and simply reflects the continuation of Evangelical history in the United States which includes defense of slavery and paranoia over desegregation? Is it possible that in today’s world the Evangelicals are primarily driven by prospects of having a Supreme Court that would do away with abortion, civil rights, and gay rights, and unite the church and state? If so, this would affirm that the Evangelicals have moved away from the illusory suitcase words like “moral values," "human life," "family," and "religious freedom" to racist reality of white nationalists that seek to control and rule the society.

It might be a joke, but I have also heard that the Evangelicals love Mr. Trump because compared to him they would never be virtuously inferior or biblically illiterate. But seriously, the linkage of the Evangelicals and Mr. Trump remains hard to understand, even though it definitely exists for otherwise over 80% of the Evangelicals would not continue to support him and vote for him.

But at the top of our thoughts must be the way the Evangelicals have served humankind by preserving and passing forward the ancient knowledge of the earth’s second version. It is through such knowledge that humans can learn early enough that they can only exist if they PREPARE to manage their lives in the earth’s second version. Perhaps the Evangelicals will be as dedicated to “preparation” as they are to Mr. Trump and as they have been to pushing the ancient knowledge forward. We’ll see.


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