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In my previous post, when I asked for HELP, I meant it

I don’t understand why so many would pick a president who divides the country into separate groups and encourages them to fight.

From those that looked at my post, none responded to my cry of help. Why? Is it because they don’t understand the question, or understand it but do not have the answer? Or have the answer but are too lazy to share what they know?

Then I received an email from one who had seen the post. Her answer was an article. Here is the link: I strongly recommend reading it and then sharing YOUR thoughts on why a human would choose a “divider” as the societal leader. The article makes profound observations, like those that choose a “divider” to lead the nation, are themselves in essence and heart “dividers.” Listen:

“Turns out, a lot of Americans were like Trump on the inside. They were selfish and arrogant. They were lazy and judgmental. They were racist and homophobic. They were loud and aggressive. They were waiting for someone to give them permission to show it.”


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