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Live or die?—the ancients say we will ALL die, unless …

If I told you to choose between two options, one bringing starvation and death and the other liberty and dignity, which one would you choose? I am sure you would choose liberty and dignity over starvation and death. Now what if I told you that the starvation and death come from not knowing about Earth 2.0 and not learning to prepare to face it and that liberty and dignity come from knowing about Earth 2.0 and learning to prepare to face it? Would that make you ask, “What is Earth 2.0?” or would you consider such question to be too much of a hassle for your busy daily life and simply walk away?

Let me give you a very brief introduction to Earth 2.0 even though I know you hate it. How do I know? I know from years of teaching. I am a teacher, and a good one, yet I have not met a student that would not stand up and cheer when told, “No class today!” Given the choice of being or not being in the classroom, the student would choose “not being” every time. So teaching you about Earth 2.0 is no different. The only reason you might listen and learn is because I have already told you that not learning about Earth 2.0 is the same as starvation and death. No one wants death and starvation. Though that is not totally true. I know that some humans, even after learning about an alternative that brings death and destruction, continue to choose that alternative. You don’t believe that? Let me give you one example out of many. A pack of cigarettes clearly marks two options of “smoking” and “not smoking.” The smoking option is a path to death and destruction because it causes cancer and heart disease. Yet that knowledge does not stop many from taking the smoking path. So telling you about Earth 2.0 does not mean that you would not choose the path that leads to death and starvation. In fact, I tell you up front that for millennia humans have chosen to take such a path by ignoring anyone telling them about Earth 2.0.

So, what is Earth 2.0? The fundamentals are well-established. Earth 1.0, the one in which we currently live, and Earth 2.0, the one to come, repeat in a 100,000 year cycle. Earth 1.0 lasts around 15,000 years and Earth 2.0 about 85,000 years. We’re at the back end of Earth 1.0 and about to enter Earth 2.0. There is an immense database of Earth 2.0 in modern science, and intriguingly an equally immense database in ancient observations preserved in sacred texts and other ancient sources. Yet none enters the current human consciousness—none is common knowledge. In every society the ignorance of Earth 2.0 is the prevailing norm and it can cause immense harm as the ignorance would preclude any preparation for the transition between the earth’s two versions.

In what way do the two versions differ? Obviously one is like the earth we know today. The other is the same earth with a comet shell around it. The comet shell is created when earth passes through fragments of broken comets. Does that sound like science fiction? It would to the uninformed. In fact, passing through broken fragments of comets is something that happens quite regularly. You have heard of meteor showers—earth passing through tiny fragments of cosmic debris left behind by disintegrated comets. With meteor showers we only see a brief show of light and color in the skies. In contrast, every hundred thousand years the earth passes through large fragments of broken comets and that creates a “comet shell” around earth, thus Earth 2.0. Why would anyone believe such possibility? First because those that have seen it tens of thousands of years ago have reported it to future generations and second because the data of modern science points at the same phenomenon. For me, the most important factor is what the ancients—the eyewitness accounts—are telling us about Earth 2.0. They have seen it and their observations of the details are most compelling.

What would the human societies face when Earth 2.0 arrives? Here are a few examples. They may seem implausible to the uninformed and scary to the informed. The scare can be overcome with preparation to reassemble the society from one suitable to Earth 1.0 to one that would be suitable to Earth 2.0. Using the scientific and ancient databases it can be easily shown that in the transition into Earth 2.0 the following would happen:

  1. all satellites currently in orbit around the earth will be swept away and disappear,

  2. for days every structure on earth will be exposed to intense and continuous electromagnetic pulse and everything electrical and electronic will be damaged or made dysfunctional, and

  3. for a single day every coastal area on earth will be impacted by a train of tsunamis the size and intensity of which have never been seen or imagined by humans.

These are mere examples and not the full gamut of possibilities that humankind would face in the transition to Earth 2.0. Put simply, Earth 2.0 conditions are radically different from current version of earth and no society will survive unless it has already PREPARED to face it. While to the uninformed this may sound preposterous, it is real and regardless of one’s level of ignorance of this reality, prepared or not, everyone would have to face it as the whole earth would change.

Most important to keep in mind: the preparation for Earth 2.0 is not an individual thing. One cannot dig a hole, hide in it and assume that’s the way of surviving Earth 2.0. Preparation to face Earth 2.0 can only happen at the societal and global levels. In the same manner that we cannot hide in a hole in today’s world, we cannot do so in the world to come. When I look at the things in my house, workplace, or community, everything—and I mean EVERYTHING—has been made for me by others. Without them I do not exist—I cannot exist. The same is true in Earth 2.0. An Earth 2.0 life of liberty and dignity is a societal life no different than the societal life in Earth 1.0. The individual human’s existence has always been and will always be determined by capabilities shared by millions of others.

So what are we supposed to do?

Here is what I have done so far. After decades of research to understand Earth 2.0 and its features, I AM GIVING YOU THE CORE OF MY KNOWLEDGE through five books I published last summer. To the best of my knowledge the books address the features of Earth 2.0 and how humankind can prepare to face it. In The First Rung I introduce the modern science of Earth 2.0. In The Unexpected Unseen, written as a science novel, I focus on ancient eyewitness accounts of Earth 2.0 within the framework of modern science’s knowledge base. Among my other books, The Sucker Punch of Sharing and The Choice Maker outline the operational foundations that every society must adopt in order to manage the transition from current earth to Earth 2.0. You can read about them at

I hope you’re listening.


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