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Mr. Trump’s wall—why he should choose to NOT build it!

We know that Mr. Trump is not an avid reader, nor is listening to advice one of his strengths. So, it is clear, what we tell you here will never reach him, but nonetheless, it is something good to know. Here is how it starts. Mr. Trump does not know that earth comes in two versions. He is not alone. Very few know this fact of human life. So, if no one is paying attention to the earth’s two versions, why should this knowledge be important to Mr. Trump’s wall-building? Let us explain.

The fundamentals of the earth’s two versions are well-established. Its scientific database is extensive. Here are the basics. Earth 1.0, the one in which we currently live, and Earth 2.0, the one to come, repeat in a 100,000-year cycle. Earth 1.0 lasts around 15,000 years and Earth 2.0 about 85,000 years. We’re at the back end of Earth 1.0 and about to enter Earth 2.0. In what way do the two versions differ? Obviously, one is like the earth we know today. For the other, Earth 2.0, we have two theories. In one theory the earth has a “comet shell” around it. The comet shell forms when earth passes through fragments of broken comets. You should know that passing through broken fragments of comets is not something unusual and in fact it happens quite regularly. You have heard of meteor showers, yes? A meteor shower is earth passing through tiny fragments of cosmic debris left behind by disintegrated comets. With a meteor shower we only get a brief show of light and color in earth skies. In contrast, when earth passes through large fragments of broken comets, the theory claims that it would create a “comet shell” around earth. This is as much as we are going to tell you about the first theory. In the second theory there is no comet shell. Instead the two versions are distinguished from one another by the size of their ice sheets. In this theory, Earth 1.0 has a small area of ice sheets while the ice sheets in Earth 2.0 are quite large.

In what we are going to talk about we do not need to choose between the two theories as we would pick the feature that is most common to both, namely lots of ice sheets at the back end of Earth 2.0. Each theory would have a different explanation for the ice sheets, but this time we’re not interested in knowing how the ice sheets got there. We’re actually not even interested in exactly when they were there. Thus, all we want as our starting point is the FACT that the ice sheets were there at the end of the earth’s second version.

For Mr. Trump’s wall building effort and of his utmost interest would be the ice sheets that covered earth about 15,000 years ago. It should be mind boggling that in that time period, states like New York, Ohio and Illinois were mostly under an ice sheet a mile high. Obviously, if an area like New York State is under the mile-high ice sheets, so would all of Canada. Tens of millions of Americans and Canadians would be displaced as everything they would have had in their population centers would be under massive sheets of ice. Those ice sheets would have flattened the Trump Tower as if it were a penny placed on the railway under a locomotive.

Just in case the picture is not clear, consider the specific case of Ohio. In the back end of last Earth 2.0, three-fourths of the state of Ohio was under mile-high ice sheets. That would include every current population center in Ohio—all buried a mile under the ice. When Earth 2.0 comes and the same conditions repeat, twelve million Ohioans would have to go elsewhere as the area free of ice is least developed and least suitable to sustain them. Overall, considering that Canada and the northern US are buried under mile high ice sheets, it would mean tens of millions of people would be running away from the ice in search of a new place where they can start their lives over. Where would they go? How would Mr. Trump answer that question?

Why should Mr. Trump pay attention to the information about the earth’s two versions? Because Earth 2.0 could be just around the corner. It may show up 5 years or fifty years from now, thus there is a chance that the new version of earth will be here if and when Mr. Trump wins a second term. So, let us assume the conditions that humans faced in the last Earth 2.0 and think “real estate.” Where would the tens of millions of displaced Canadians and Americans go? If Mr. Trump builds a HUGE WALL at the southern edge of the country and continues to declare the people on the other side of the wall as criminals, rapists and terrorists, would there be a place for the displaced Canadians and Americans beyond that huge wall? Would the Mexican government permit entry by the United States citizens or would we have to have a repeat conquering of their land as we did with the Native Americans?

So, here is a thought? Would someone like Mr. Trump NOT BUILD a wall and instead start BUYING LAND in Mexico and declare Mexico the best place for Americans and Canadians to go once the Earth-2.0-like conditions hit? Mr. Trump and his real estate buddies can make billions of dollars if they can corner the real estate market of Earth 2.0 in Mexico. Sadly, that is not possible because Mr. Trump does not read. We know he does not read and therefore he will never receive this information. He will continue to insist that the wall must be built and everyone on the other side of the wall must be declared a criminal, rapist, or terrorist.

So much for making billions in real estate!

Written by David Coons and Hamid Rafizadeh.


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