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Repeating and Not Remembering!

“Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” Have you heard it? Then listen to the following story.

I know we are one nation, he says, but I’m going to color half of you blue, the other half red, and you’re going to fight. It might destroy the nation’s oneness, but it will be fun, exciting, and most important, historically fair. We have done it once before, about 155 years ago. Then the country’s president took the side of the blue fighting and destroying the red. This time, to be fair, I, the country’s president, will take the side of the red fighting the blue and hopefully will destroy many blue.

An interesting twist. In the previous red-blue confrontation, we did not know about germ warfare. We couldn’t use viruses to kill each other. Now we do. I will tell everyone that viruses killing the blue is a hoax. At the same time I will have all the red pretending the virus is a hoax, that it does not exist, even if it kills them. That way I will kill many blue, easily. It is the only fair way to make the red and blue even across time.

End of the story.


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