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The history of the Roman Empire repeating in the USA with Trump as Emperor God

Let’s see if you can relate to a historical fact. Do you know, can you remember, that white Americans are children of emigrants from the Roman Empire? They all came from places that for centuries were ruled by the Roman Empire. They all have come from generations conditioned to see the top man—the Emperor, as God or at minimum, a Son of God. Even though today’s socially conditioned humans may not openly behave in that manner, they can do it subconsciously. We can see it exhibited most clearly in humans that have maintained the fixated ways of the past. Those with fixated ways are Mr. Trump’s ardent worshippers. To them, the Emperor-like human is the same as God and God can do anything God wants. That is why Mr. Trump can do anything he wishes and to his fixated supporters, all that is normal. In fact, tomorrow Mr. Trump can nuke the whole earth and none of his ardent Republican supporters would say a word. They would continue to worship him as they get vaporized.

Having observed Mr. Trump’s ardent Republican supporters for two years, it is clear that they are apostates—remnants of the Roman Empire. Instead of seeing Christ, they continually seek God in someone that looks and behaves like a Roman Emperor. They have been fixated into the Roman Empire’s historical pattern of social conditioning. For example, when Mr. Trump lies—and he does so profusely—I, the normal citizen, would see him lying, but to his apostate worshippers Mr. Trump is God and assumes a godlike position even when lying. In the manner of the Roman Emperor having been declared God, Mr. Trump always asserts that everything everyone else is saying is false and only what He says is true. Only God can make such a claim because of His infinite knowledge and the ignorance that pervades everything else. Mr. Trump’s worldview tightly fits the worldview of the Americanized descendants of the Romans, historically fixated to see Mr. Trump as God.

What should one do when a third of the US population—the Republican apostates—see Mr. Trump as God no different than the way the Romans related to their Emperor? Regardless of how Mr. Trump’s supporters have maintained their historically fixated behavior, one aspect remains most threatening. Like Mr. Trump, the believers are trapped in lies that Mr. Trump creates and perpetuates. This, sooner or later, is going to translate into harm—societal harm—directed at everyone. Harm is the inescapable outcome of any life founded on lies and apostasy. The lies and apostasy become the device for seeing God where God does not exist. A lie-based apostatic God is always a treacherous, life-destroying God. Let me give you another perspective.

Have you ever wondered why God demands sacrifices? He demands sacrifices because humans have not obeyed Him—they have sinned. There must be a sacrifice if the disobedience is to be forgiven. With Mr. Trump behaving as God, who are his most recent sacrificial lambs? The 800,000 government employees. They are being sacrificed and will continue to be sacrificed so long as Mr. Trump, the Emperor God, is not obeyed. And Mr. Trump’s fixated apostate worshippers have no problem with that. The Fox News—the Emperor God’s mouthpiece and the setter of His Divine Mindset continues to declare the sacrifice as the right thing until the divine being that rules the country—God Trump—is obeyed.

Let us think. If you want to avoid the trap of seeing a human as God and find the true path toward Christ, then read the book The Sucker Punch of Sharing. Otherwise you can only ask why anyone would ever want to mess with a known God. Why should anyone want to mess with Mr. Trump as God brought to life in the USA by the Roman history of conditioning its citizens? Perhaps we should all do what Mr. Trump’s apostate worshippers do—bow before him and give him what he wants. All we need to remember is the historical example of Emperor Nero who burned down Rome and no one said a word in opposition. God can do anything God wants. Tomorrow Mr. Trump, dissatisfied with the level of “sacrifice” to create obedience to his demands, might go beyond just 800,000 government employees and nuke the whole earth so that through billions of new sacrificial lambs he will finally achieve what he wants as our God. If you think this is nonsense, then you know nothing about the history and its lessons. If so, you’re a good candidate to join the ranks of Mr. Trump’s fixated Republican apostate worshippers. It is safe to be there, protected by God even when God is created by the history of Roman Empire.


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