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What happens to a society when everyone turns stupid? It has already happened!

Here are two foundational facts in formation and management of every society. First, every society only consists of unique individuals. In the whole universe EVERY individual is unique. If you have any doubts just look at yourself. You are the only YOU in the whole universe. There is no one else like you. As such every society, without exception, is a collection of unique individuals. Second, every society, to form and function, has to come to SOCIETAL AGREEMENTS that would act as the glue that would hold the unique individuals together. Otherwise, without the societal agreements, the society of unique individuals will dissolve and fall apart as soon as it has formed. So how do unique individuals create societal agreements and to what purpose?

Every society starts at the views that unique individuals have about themselves and others. I call these unique views the “few-agree positions.” If the society is to hold together, the unique individuals have to create “many-agree positions” out of their “few-agree positions”. The larger the society gets, the greater the need to push some many-agree positions toward “all-agree positions.” Here humans run into a serious problem caused by human uniqueness. Because of uniqueness, regardless of how hard humans try, there will always be some that would disagree with the proposed all-agree position. This is where human societies have had to bring in “brute force.” Brute force is the best agent of destroying human uniqueness. Regardless of how unique the human might be, put a gun to the human’s head and demand alignment with certain position and that individual would obey if the threat is deemed real. And if that individual does not obey, the trigger is pulled and the process is repeated with the next unique human. It is through this force-based mechanism that human societies have created and would continue to create all-agree positions out of many-agree positions.

This makes every all-agree position nothing but a many-agree position that the society has chosen to back by the societal brute force that, like a loaded gun, points at every member of the society. The all-agree position—also known as “law” is FORCED on every unique human that would normally oppose it. Anyone not aligned with an all-agree position—not obeying the law—would face the wrath of societal brute force in the form of police and armed forces.

I hope by now you’re asking, “How does one choose which many-agree position becomes an all-agree position?” If you’re not asking that question, you should stop reading and go and do something else. Assuming that you’re asking that question, before answering it, I have to tell you about “manager-managed duality,” another foundational feature of the societies formed by unique humans. Without exception, every society is built on MANAGER-MANAGED DUALITY. Every society is built on manager-managed duality where a small group of “managers” manage the affairs of the masses of “managed.” Thus the CEO manages the business, the teacher manages the classroom, the President manages the nation, and Congress manages the society’s many-agree and all-agree positions. And if you guessed that this is also a force-based arrangement, you are a quick learner. Through thousands of years of experience humans have learned that in order to serve the needs of the masses for goods and services, humans must be FORCED into groups of managed to be directed by managers.

The prime purpose of the manage-managed duality is to take resources from earth, combine with individual capabilities and then return the output to everyone in the form of goods and services to satisfy their daily needs. This is how one gets employed—one’s capabilities and resources taken by the manager—and in return one is given a salary as means of taking the resources of earth and others in the form of food, car, house and everything else in life. The resource taking by unique individuals plus the capability sharing by unique individuals provide everyone’s daily needs within the context of the manager-managed duality which in turn happens within the context of the many-agree and all-agree positions that the society has created. Now I hope you see the utter significance of the question you asked earlier. The question: How does one choose which many-agree position becomes an all-agree position? That question is about how unique humans share their capabilities within the society’s network of agreements in order to produce goods and services for everyone’s daily needs. It is the core question of “life.”

Every society’s capability sharing to produce goods and services for the daily needs of everyone takes shape with the matrix of societal agreements. That happens within a composite of many-agree and all-agree positions, and all that within the society’s manager-managed duality? If so, who are the managers that are to manage the society’s uniqueness when creating many-agree and all-agree positions? Let us focus on the United States and see how human uniqueness has taken shape there. Here is what Wikipedia says: The United States of America (USA) is composed of 50 states, a federal district, five major self-governing territories, and various possessions with a population of over 327 million people. How did this many unique humans manage to create the society? Should we start with Paleo-Indians that migrated from Siberia about 15,000 years ago or the 16th century European colonization that created thirteen British colonies? Should we point at the all-agree positions that later created the society, like the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights?

The most important societal feature is that the United States is a representative democracy in which the majority rule—which controls the design of the all-agree positions—protects a large part of the unique individual’s few-agree positions. In the representative democracy every individual aligns oneself with one’s favorite many-agree positions and elects a REPRESENTATIVE that would then interact with the representatives chosen by other unique individuals. Together the representatives consider the design of the all-agree positions for a society of unique humans.

In the United States Congress, the representatives are given the task of managing the society’s many-agree positions, deciding which ones should be turned into all-agree positions to be forced on everyone. Given the vast ocean of human uniqueness, the management of many-agree positions in order to create the all-agree positions is most difficult. In the United States, after the Congress sets up the society’s all-agree positions, the “judicial system” manages the societal difficulties that arise in application of the all-agree positions. At the pinnacle of the judicial system sits the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court is the final ARBITER OF BALANCE in how the societal force is applied to many-agree positions to turn them into all-agree positions that are then forced on everyone.

So far everything sounds good. It seems the societal structure is well designed to manage the human uniqueness. Yet the title of my article is about everyone turning stupid. How is that possible? How can it happen? When does a society turn stupid? More important, what do I mean by the word STUPID? In my definition, everything and everyone would turn stupid when the individual and the society FORGET that they are a “society of unique humans” and that the challenge is the management of many-agree and all-agree positions created in order to serve the daily needs of unique humans for goods and services. Why would anyone forget this foundational fact? It happens when all those electing their representatives and all those being elected as representatives no longer remember that the prime purpose of what they do IS NOT to have CONFRONTATIONS among unique humans—some seeking to force on all others their own way of uniqueness—but to create balance among all forms of uniqueness such that everyone remains focused on capability sharing to provide for the daily needs of all.

In a society turned stupid, the representatives would have no understanding of human uniqueness and no comprehension of the relationship of many-agree and all-agree positions to capability sharing among unique humans to serve the needs of all. The representatives assigned with the task of “balancing the society’s many-agree and all-agree positions” become avid “balance destroyers.” Each wants to destroy any other form of uniqueness at the first chance. Even though it is the most flimsy and highly unstable arrangement, the warring sides, in their highest exhibition of stupidity, have agreed that the first group of representatives to get to 51% majority can use societal force to destroy the ones whose way of uniqueness is stuck at 49%. This is the narrowest margin for converting many-agree positions to all-agree positions and in the long run it is an assured way of societal destruction. Why? Because the next year when the 49-percenters manage to crawl back to 51%, it is their turn to destroy the other side that has now dropped to 49%. Neither recognizes that while they are destroying each other, they are destroying the society. That is how a society of TURNED STUPID unique humans would behave …no consideration of balance … every consideration of confrontation.

When would this behavior reach its peak of societal and then global destruction? It would happen when the earth transitions from its current version to the next. DO YOU KNOW that earth has two versions? Do you know that we are currently at the back end of the first version and about to enter the second version? The second version is radically different from the first and CONFRONTATIONAL unique humans would definitely destroy each other when the hard times of the second version arrives. Those that have had no practice in watching out for each other’s uniqueness cannot possibly watch out for one another even when it is the only way for human survival and well-being.

So, let me give you a quick overview of the earth’s two versions. The fundamentals are well-established. Earth 1.0, the one in which we currently live, and Earth 2.0, the one to come, repeat in a 100,000 year cycle. Earth 1.0 lasts around 15,000 years and Earth 2.0 about 85,000 years. In what way do the two versions differ? Obviously one is like the earth as we know today. The other is the same earth with a COMET SHELL around it. The comet shell is created when earth passes through fragments of broken comets. Does that sound like science fiction? It would to the uninformed. In fact, passing through broken fragments of comets is something that happens quite regularly. You have heard of meteor showers—earth passing through tiny fragments of cosmic debris left behind by disintegrated comets. With meteor showers we only see a brief show of light and color in earth skies. In contrast, every hundred thousand years the earth also passes through large fragments of broken comets and that creates a “comet shell” around earth—thus Earth 2.0. Why would anyone believe in such possibility? Because those that have seen it tens of thousands of years ago have reported it to future generations and on top of that, the data of modern science distinctly points at the same phenomenon. The MOST IMPORTANT factor … the ancients’ EYEWITNESS ACCOUNTS. They have SEEN IT and their observations of the details are most compelling. By the way, so you know, the ancients have also predicted that very few humans will survive the transition between the earth’s two versions. In my opinion, their predication reflects their knowledge of the apparent human inability to NOT TURN STUPID when managing uniqueness societally.

Even though I don’t think I am going to make the slightest dent in the way today’s unique humans have turned stupid, for the past forty years I have researched the possibilities to turn the tide of stupidity so that humankind can prepare to face the transition between the earth’s two versions. At this time I AM GIVING YOU THE CORE OF MY KNOWLEDGE through five books I published last summer. To the best of my knowledge the books address the features of Earth 2.0 and how humankind can prepare to face it. In The First Rung I introduce the modern science of Earth 2.0. In The Unexpected Unseen, written as a science novel, I focus on the ancient eyewitness accounts of Earth 2.0 within the framework of modern science’s knowledge base. Among my other books, The Sucker Punch of Sharing and The Choice Maker outline the operational foundations that every society must adopt in order to properly manage the human uniqueness in the transition from current earth to Earth 2.0. You can read about them on

I hope you’re listening and paying attention to human uniqueness.


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