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Which Book Do I Read First? Asked a Friend.

Updated: Jun 15, 2018

I have just published five books about foundations of human life. Four are already on Amazon and the fifth would be there in a week or two. Since they are about foundations of human life, all should be read, but still the question remains: which one to read first? This problem is my creation and I need your help as reader to resolve it. I have done forty years of intense research on foundations of human life and only now I have started to publish the research results as books. This year five books, next year another five to ten books and more in other years. So which book to read first? My first answer: I don’t know. After all, they are all about life foundations every human must know, thus everyone must read all. But that is my few-agree position. Are there other options? Can one start with the thrillers? The Unexpected Unseen is an action-packed novel focused on introducing the “earth’s two versions” using the knowledge put together by ancients and the science community. I am always surprised that so few know about the earth’s two versions and live their lives as if earth comes in one form and none other. Yet in fact earth comes in two versions, one lasting about 15,000 years and the other about 85,000 years with the 100,000-year cycle repeating regularly. Science calls these two versions interglacial and glacial earth. To the ancients they are the blue-skied earth and the canopied earth. We are at the back end of the interglacial/blue-skied and will be utterly shocked if the glacial/canopied arrives and we have had no knowledge of its existence and have engaged in no preparation to face the transition between the two. So it is critical to incorporate this knowledge into everyone’s daily life. After reading The Unexpected Unseen you can read The First Rung which covers the ancient and scientific knowledge of earth’s two versions in scholarly, non-fiction style.

Another starting point can be Here Comes the Watchman, an action-packed novel that addresses the foundational issues of managing force, resources, and knowledge by individuals and societies. You might be surprised to hear that humans are not good in managing force, resources and knowledge and even more surprised at what must be done individually and societally to improve. You can then follow with The Sucker Punch of Sharing that addresses the same foundational issues of force, resources and knowledge in scholarly, non-fiction style.

I love the thrillers but have to admit, my favorite starting point would be The Choice Maker. A divine being, thousands of years ago, provided us with the recipe for managing force, resources, and knowledge, especially in the most difficult time of transition between the earth’s two versions. It is most fascinating to see and experience how a divine being compacts the foundational knowledge of life into just four short lines of instruction. Thus The Choice Maker would be my starting point even though the more entertaining starts would be The Unexpected Unseen and Here Comes the Watchman.

Whichever you choose as your starting point I guarantee, you will immensely learn from the foundational knowledge they provide for your daily life.


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