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Seeing Hannity in the mirror of the Sermon on the Mount

Updated: Jul 23, 2018

Why do I focus on Sean Hannity? Because he talks to millions every day. Why do I want to see him in the mirror of the Sermon on the Mount? That requires a bit more explanation.

When you read The Choice Maker and learn about the Sermon on the Mount, the first thing you learn is “knowledge deficiencies.” The first thing the Sermon on the Mount asks is: can you see knowledge deficiencies? And implicit in that question is the obvious follow-up. If you can see the knowledge deficiencies are you going to address them—remove them? The Sermon on the Mount places the foundation of human existence at this first step—whether the human can see the knowledge deficiencies.

Since in The Choice Maker I talk in depth about knowledge deficiencies, I’m not going to do that here. Instead I talk about CREATING knowledge deficiencies. In other words—going the exact opposite of the Sermon on the Mount. How is that done? How can one create knowledge deficiencies? The answer is quite simple, we all know it, and sadly we often do it. We create knowledge deficiencies through “lying.” Every lie is a knowledge deficiency introduced into human life. Every lie is an extra distance added between the human life and the Sermon on the Mount.

That brings me back to Sean Hannity. Have you ever looked at his rock-solid face when he is talking? He means every word he is saying and his face signals that he is ready to fight—ready to use brute force against any human that does not believe in his face and words. Yet, when I listen to him, most that I hear are lies. His lies amplify when the subject of his talk is Mr. Trump. The master of telling lies—the master of distancing everyone from the Sermon on the Mount—is being backed with lies by a human that occupies the position of communicating with millions.

So here is the situation. We have lies pouring out of the most powerful position in the world and we have those lies backed and amplified by one that communicates daily with millions. It is an overwhelming flow of “knowledge deficiencies.” It is wiping out the meager presence that the Sermon on the Mount might have in human life today.

Am I troubled with what Mr. Trump and Sean Hannity are doing? No. The Sermon on the Mount teaches that human is a “choice maker.” Humans can choose the way of the Sermon on the Mount … or take its opposite. There are no penalties in the Sermon on the Mount for taking the opposite. All it says is that humans would be more happy if they chose the way of the Sermon on the Mount.

But there is more to the Sermon on the Mount story and the role it plays in human life. It is not just about how humans manage knowledge. It is also about how they manage their individual lives and societies in the celestial transformation of earth—a transformation that is coming. To learn about that you’ll have to read The Unexpected Unseen and The First Rung. I doubt you understand what I am saying. I am pointing at YOUR knowledge deficiencies and saying, Can you see them?


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